Hole 6/15

This hole is number one on the par index (a par 4 for men and par 5 for ladies).  It’s our longest hole at 411 m from the back tees.  There’s a generous fairway with a soft landing zone making this hole longer that it appears.  

The hardest part of the hole is the approach shot – if you can get there.  The fairway halves in width with 200 metres to go.  A pond to the right and a creek the the left surround the green.  

The green is treacherous, sloping from back to front.  If you can, leave the ball below the pin.  Being above the pin requires you to allow for slope – the green is very fast downhill.  

Pro Tip: Rip your drive.  If you miss to the left, you’ve got the 7th fairway with a relatively easy approach shot.

Men Par 4

Ladies Par 5

Gold Tee 411m

Silver Tee 401m

Bronze Tee 387m